HERFLIX™ is an online movie theater for women-centric movies, featuring programming about, for and by women. Started over a decade ago as one woman's dream, HERFLIX™ has grown into an international brand by presenting entertaining and informative media, which portrays female aspirations, struggles, and experiences vis- à-vis their respective multicultural complexities and diversity. The natural outcome of HERFLIX's™ work, curating premium films, shall constitute a women-centric media center.


Jibberish is a private messaging fabric that is built upon the fundamental premise that the present Internet exposes static-attack surface areas for its users and services on it, i.e., the IP address associated with users and services does not change very frequently, if at all.

Contrariwise, Jibberish is based upon a dynamic paradigm where the attack surface of the users and services is abstracted and constantly changing. The notion of trusting users to do the “right thing” has been completely eliminated from Jibberish and a trustless operating model is a core characteristic.

Jibberish replaces centralized systems with a single unified messaging platform that operates in a similar manner to instant messaging, but it is decentralized and based upon a peer-to-peer model. Specifically, the distinction between the various technical methods for exchanging of information— e.g., email, instant messaging, and texting—must be eliminated as these technologies are effectively performing the same tasks and are creating information silos.


Nani Ku`uLEI

Nani Ku'ulei uniquely fuses the phrasing and styling of Hawaiian & Hapa-Hawaiian music; mixing in with standards, jazz and blues. She plans to record her second album late 2023. 


Native Metals, LLC is a Prescott, Arizona exploration, mining and refining company with a focus on precious metal refining technology to recover Platinum Group Metals (“PGMs”). Over the past 6 months, Native Metals has been able to navigate and complete a very advantageous purchase contract for the Alvarado Mine property. The Alvarado Mine has 160 acres of claims and 115.5 acres of private land with 120 years of operating history as a high- volume gold mine and refinery.

Native Metals’ focus is growing a regional ore refining presence by running discarded dump and tailings ore from the Alvarado and nearby mines and claims that when they were operated, used available technology only able to recover gold and silver. PGMs were not valued, sought-after or had a developed and proven refining recovery system. These discarded ‘garbage’ piles are frequently depleted of most gold and silver but rich in PGMs. Native Metals will reclaim and repurpose these dump piles that in many cases, are listed by Counties, US Forest Service and BLM for clean-up. ur paragraph here.


X-DRIVE enableS customers to leverage existing cloud storage providers to compose data management & collaborative solutions that provide superior data availability, confidentiality, and integrity
at a market leading price point.


Companies currently being advised by Earthpathways, LLC

Oceanographic Pathways Institute

Two thirds of the flora and fauna constituting the reef ecosystems residing in the Marine National Monuments in the Pacific are undocumented; more troubling, daily untold numbers of them are going extinct without leaving a trace.

The MNMP, a vast collection of isolated small, low-lying islands, banks, seamounts, and atolls, encompasses an area exceeding 1.6 million square miles of ocean. The sheer cost of recording their respective undocumented species, especially when ocean class ships are employed, is cost prohibited.

Operating as a 501(c)(3) Scientific Research Organization, OPI proposes to build and to operate a lean, singularly focused, regional class vessel to conduct exploratory scientific research, employing divers and technologies, to optimize numbers of biota discoveries per expedition. The Institute intends to incorporate and make part of it expeditions methods to aid in the marine education of students, ranging from elementary to university.